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joe_midi last won the day on August 24 2016

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joe_midi last won the day on August 24 2016

joe_midi had the most liked content!

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  1. @saar62097 Yea, sorry I just noticed after I had posted that Q. (Link here for those interested: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJLacbyG_bdfeb8St54YyQ4S8I8Kz462WxhRew6XEpc1Ezzw/viewanalytics) I've spread it on my LinkedIn and looks like I managed to garner a few more responses.
  2. @saar62097 Any chance we get to see the results of this survey? EDIT: Just realised you can view responses.
  3. Thanks @GreenSock, thanks @Carl This is what gets me. I'm experiencing performance drags on something I know full well that would be fine if I wrote it as DOM elements + GSAP. I found that having a small symbol graphic that was duplicated as a tile was causing performance issues, it didn't seem to handle multiple instances of the same symbol that well. Considering I vaguely remember Flash doing so well with that. Instead I've had to render as a bitmap, which I feel is so odd, but I imagine thats a limitation of the canvas rendering cycle?
  4. This feels like the right thread to post this in. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve animation performance in an Adobe Animate file? It's been years since I've used the program, and I'm totally unsure of whats available to me.
  5. So with GWD and something like Adobe Animate. A lot of people will use the GUI to layer and composite their creatives, and then go into Code View/ActionScripts Panel and write GSAP code there. You label each element on the stage and then use JavaScript / GSAP to animate it how you want. When I was learning, I took a Flash banner and then tried to recreate the same thing using HTML + GSAP. I broke apart the file to its constituent graphic elements. Used HTML to layer them as they are in Photoshop CSS to position their starting values JS/GS
  6. I think a lot of companies are being pressured into using GWD as they’re not present with any other option. (Which is entirely untrue!) Whether it’s budget constraints or people-availability, it’s easier to get a designer trained on GWD than it is to get a front-end developer to build a few banners. Side-note: I might be given the green(sock)-light to open source one of my dynamic banner projects!
  7. As @somnamblst has said you don't need to use GWD for dynamic banners in Studio. The main thing to remember is that when you load your banner, the GSAP timeline should come after the dynamic data has loaded. Enabler.setProfileId(9999999); var devDynamicContent = {}; devDynamicContent.feed = [{}]; devDynamicContent.feed[0]._id = 0; devDynamicContent.feed[0].id = 1; devDynamicContent.feed[0].exitUrl = {}; devDynamicContent.feed[0].exitUrl.Url = 'https://www.example.com/'; devDynamicContent.feed[0].headline1 = `Creazy Headline`; devDynamicContent.feed[0
  8. This always gets me. Someone always believes they need dynamic or responsive banners to fulfil a media request, but there's always an intersection point of the time it takes to build dynamic vs building separate banners by volume. Half the time the request is small enough that its probably faster for me to create 10 sizes separately than coming up with a whole dynamic build.
  9. I didn't realise you could build ads for the Criteo platform. I always thought it was a managed platform and they did everything for you.
  10. Hello! There's still some of us around, trying to make a living. From what I've seen, and as @leolo69 has alluded to is that production budgets for display banners has dramatically been cut. A few years ago I was at a DoubleClick event where we talked about budgets, and 85% went to media, and only 15% for creative and production, my current estimates puts that figure at 6%. This leaves a lot of work being out sourced to cheaper labour markets. (I may or may not have had a hand in this, I hear a lot of cheap production houses are using Bannertime to scale up. Oops)
  11. AMP Ads should run anywhere, but to actually see the AMP parts in action, it is likely that you'll need a compatible Ad Server to test them. Or you might be able to use the Playground. How you would normally code HTML5 + CSS, just remember to use the appropriate <html amp4ads> meta tag and amp scripts. https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/blob/master/extensions/amp-a4a/amp-a4a-format.md There is a limit to JS in A4A, so you'll need to write your animations as CSS keyframes/transitions or compatible WAAPI
  12. Its been a while since I've had specs for Amazon, but that seems really excessive. I understand reducing network calls, but with http2 that's kinda irrelevant and base64 images is a bad idea as they'll often end up a larger file weight than as binary images. Are you images only referenced in the JS file or are they available in the HTML? And I would recommend you minify _after_ you've base64 replaced everything, then inline it into the bottom of the HTML. Your other option would be to look at webpack?
  13. No, I think it is fair to say. What would be really helpful is if you could try and re-create some of your best Ad examples as AMP Ads and document the results and difficulties in doing so. I can imagine a large portion of the great examples shown in the Inspiration thread, would not be able to be made as AMP : The more we're able to document the issues with building great AMP Ads, the more we would be able to get better features supported in AMP.
  14. Would you be able to add a Live Stream for this workshop for those of us not able to make it to NYC? As a lot of us are freelancers and wouldn't have an agency contact.
  15. oh Slack signup is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd83J2IZA6cdR6jPwABGsJE8YL4pkypAbKMGgUZZriU7Qu6Tg/viewform?fbzx=4406980310789882877 That's the thing why that doesn't make sense, GSAP is already whitelisted and already on a number of ad network CDNs, so it shouldn't really make a difference. If Adobe Animate are creating the an amp-adobe-animate component, then wouldn't they be using Create.js as that is what Animate files use to run their animations? Create.js is also whitelisted by Google Ad CDN, so then why wouldn't GSAP be allowed as wel