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  1. Thanks to you both - I will grab Jamie's function as it will work straight out of the box and is nice and reuseable, but I was wondering about doing it the second way too. Cheers, Don Have a great day
  2. ahh, I am only just starting to use GSAP in js, been playing with it for actionscript for a couple of years now. What I'm after, and why progress(1,true) doesn't help, is I want the animation to finish up, no matter where it was up to - I have a stop event in the middle of the timeline, but if the page moves to another state, I want the animation to play through to completion so the elements disappear without just blinking out of existence. Would doing a tween of the timeline progress from current_time to 1 be the way to do this? Don have a great day
  3. Hi, Just wondering if there's a nice way to complete a timelinemax without stopping for events on the way through? the play() and fromTo() functions have a ignoreEvents, but it seems to be only for ignoring events while setting the playhead initially, not while playing. Tweens have a complete() that seems to have a ignoreEvents() that ignores events from the time set through to the end of the tween. Is this possible with Timeline? Thanks, Don have a great day PS. I'm very pleased to finally have the opportunity to grab a Club Greensock membership, which will happen in the next week.
  4. I would have loved this way of handling blitmasks of images too - blitmask.smoothing only helps with sub-pixels on movement, rather than using more resolution of the 'masked image. I think I resized images down to blitmask size and made them a touch sharper, but it would be very situational whether that helps. Don have a great day
  5. I found I needed to force a function call from the 0 point on the parent timeline to each subobject which turned its alpha or visibility off. This way when the parent timeline hits the subobject's part of the timeline, it then tweens on from 0. mastertl.add( element[i].hideMe(), 0 ); //add a visibility = 0, alpha = 0 function at start Don have a great day
  6. Thanks for the reply, On thinking about it, I think on my previous project I got around this with overwriteManager = "always". Another thing I was toying with today was the idea of using a paused timeline in the subclass, then passing tl.tweenFromTo("start","middle") to the parent. - Would that pass a valid tween if the tl is paused in the object? Don have a great day
  7. Hi, I'm creating an animation on the stage (a base class) made up of subclasses which return a TimelineLite for their animations. The problem seems to be that creating a timelineLite auto-plays the timeline that was created, rather than just being available for the parent timeline. Its a wierd one, because it creates wierd movement only apparent for the first 5-10s (period of an individual animation). Is there a better way to create a timeline or tween object and pass it up the chain for use later? This is pretty much the code I use now: Thanks, (I'm loving greensock library) Don have a great day