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  1. Hi Jonathan, Sorry about the delay, wasnt expecting a reply but thats probaly because I didnt make it clear I didnt mean my code but the actual demo. However, I see its working now so either I had an issue or its been fixed
  2. HI Guys, I know its probably considered an edge case but just an FYI, spin doesnt work very well on Firefox 28 on Ubuntu
  3. saracen

    A big thank you

    A few months back I decided to redo my website and had an idea for an animation. After building it I could not get it to run smoothly in FF. Thats when I came across greensock and my problem is no longer FF jerkiness, but how to stop myself from going way over the top with animations (something I have so far failed at ) In fact, I havent had this much fun since I first discovered Flash many eons ago! So, not knowing where else to write this, Im positing it here. A big thank you, to the developers and the guys who support it on these forums (especially rhernando ), it is finally finished. If anyone is interested its at http://www.mmurad.com Thank you again!
  4. Thanks for the reply Rodrigo. The set up you show is what I have so far and I thought it would work like the css transition. The problem is this: TweenMax.to(cube, 1, {rotationX:-90}) rotates the cube by -90 degrees on the x axis. So only works if you click on the top face button when you are looking at the front face. Since my cube has a link to each face it wont work if you are looking at any other face.
  5. Hi, Can anybody tell what the best solution or strategy is for the following problem please: I have a 3d cube with different elements on each face. The is a seperate button for each face that should rotate the cube to the equivalent face. The problem I have is that setting the rotate aspect is relative to the face you are at. In other words if I click on the button linked to the back face the cube rotates 180deg. If you are looking at the front face at the time it works great. But if you are looking at any other face the cube simply rotates 180deg from its current position. So the real question is, how do I target the faces of a 3d cube? I cant get round the logic.
  6. What can I say Carl, sometimes the hardest problems to fix are the ones with the easiest solutions! After approximately 3 hours of refreshing I have yet to see the problem recur after applying your suggestions so I owe you one, thank you!
  7. Can I target a list of li's using $('.class li') using stagger as that is the only thing left that i can see causing this issue
  8. Thansk for the reply. Yes, as it is a portfolio site and the code was broken I had to take it down, Ive put it back at http://www.mmurad.com/index2.html with the font sizing put back aswell. I also found my "solution" didnt actually fix the problem as the tween would then stop half way through the rotation Its definitely more prevalent in chrome than firefox
  9. Moral of the story: Seems my mistake was to tween both scale and fontsize. Removing fontsize seemed to fix the isse
  10. Weird that you should get that. I just tried it quickly and the staggerFrom is returning back to the css based opacity
  11. Hi Cmal, If you notice from my example I changed staggerTo to staggerFrom. This will tween each box from 0 to its css value I believe
  12. Why not set the opacity value as a variable and then use staggerFrom on the second line? eg, var opacityValue= 0; tl.staggerTo(['.box-1, .box-2'], 1, {opacity: opacityValue}, 0.5) .staggerFrom(['.box-1, .box-2'], 1, {opacity: opacityValue}, 0.5)
  13. Hello again, I have been building my portfolio site and im very nearly there! I have an issue on my home page at http://www.mmurad.com In Chrome the "hellos" on the left are supposed to rotate and scale up but sometimes (not always so you may need to refresh a few times to see it happen) the scaling just stops and I notice the sizing on the other animation in the background wecomes weird as well. Any idea why this is happening?
  14. Thank you again for the help. Invaluable!
  15. Sorry ignore that. Seems the problem was the code was using TimelineLite. I changed it to TimelineMax and its fine. Must be the yoyo