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  1. Hey Jack, Any updates on the CSSTransform plugin. Its been an year so I thought I'll ask, API methods and some docs will be awesome. Also will be great to have the un-minified version in the Business bundle. Cheers.
  2. Just linking to Jack's reply in the other post here: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/11225-draggable-svg-element-which-is-also-rotatable/page-2#entry60594 Thanks Jack, guess I'll have continue without Safari support for now.
  3. Hi guys, I asked this a few months ago, it seems like for some reason it was ignored so I thought I'll bring it back to the attention of the GSAP dev team. The problem here is that when a Draggable SVG element with "svg { overflow: visible }", dragged out into the overflow area of the SVG, draggable is not able to drag it. This currently only happens in Safari. Is this a bug? Here is the post from the past: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/11225-draggable-svg-element-which-is-also-rotatable/#entry50147 I hope this time it gets some attention and is fixed asap. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering if this a bug with Safari while using draggable on svg overflow? Still waiting for this to be fixed. Hope this gets some traction and I am not the only one suffering this issue. Maybe I should start a new thread.
  5. Praney Behl

    React and GSAP

    So what happens if you try to animate this in React with GSAP the way John Lindquist mentions here : https://egghead.io/lessons/react-using-tweenmax-with-react?
  6. Thanks Jack, appreciate it. Will buy Business in a couple of days. You may wanna maybe shoot a newsletter with the coupon maybe call it cyber Monday week to scrape a few extra sales through the week I really appreciate the awesome work you guys do here
  7. Cyber Monday is just days away, Jack any great discounts on premium club memberships? Cheers!
  8. Hey, Ok I found why I had to nest the svgs, with svg{ overflow : visible; } draggable doesn't detect svg element when it is in the overflow region in Safari browser. Is it just me or Safari or is it something in Draggable.js Here try this in Safari: http://codepen.io/praneybehl/pen/BNvEMv Drag the green element outside and then try to drag it back in. Hope it makes more sense.
  9. Yeah I thought that should work and tried it yesterday, but for some odd mistake it just wouldn't work for me and today I found this post so I thought i'll ask. Dang! too much high I guess . I feel so stupid right now - <hitting my head> Thanks for the refresher mate.
  10. Thanks for the reply mate, I am working on something that needs an svg to have overflow:visible so to achieve that, I had to nest the svg inside another to have the overflow visible. Now the inner SVG has elements that are draagable and rotatable. So has mention draggable works fine but when trying to rotate it plays up. http://codepen.io/praneybehl/pen/xGmygp?editors=101
  11. Hi @Carl and @Diaco, that a great example, however it seems to play up a bit if there are nested svgs. Dragging seems to work fine but the rotation looks a bit off. Here is an example: http://codepen.io/praneybehl/pen/xGmygp?editors=101 Any ideas on how can this be fixed? Thanks
  12. Hi guys, Just found something silly with Firefox. I am using nested svgs and an rectangle element inside it. Using draggable on the rectangle in the nested svg works fine in Google chrome but not in Firefox. It throws out an error @ Draggable.js:252:0 "TypeError: element.style is undefined" Here is an example:
  13. Don't think it's yet been documented, been waiting for a long time now