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  1. Is there any updates on a timeline visualizer? Maybe as a chrome dev console extension?
  2. I know this has been asked in the past and that you need the SnapPlugin to morph svg paths. But I though I saw a tweet the other day between GreenSock and Sara Soueidan about this being include in v1.18 but it was undocumented. Maybe I'm crazy. Is there now a way to morph shapes with just the GSAP library? Ex. shapes: <path d="m 14.201849,1.5439136 0,4.2992953 -8.2513192,8.6128771 -4.1523786,-4.022205 0,-4.2992963 4.1523786,4.0222073 z" /> <path d="M 3,3 7.5455556,3 13,7.9995 7.5455556,13 3,13 8.4544444,7.9995 3,3.0000001 Z" />
  3. Thanks but I'm animating an element within an svg, not the entire svg
  4. I know in IE, you cannot transform svg child elements normally with the style attribute so you need to fallback to updating the transform attribute on the element within the svg. TweenMax.to('#circle', 1, {scaleX : 1, onUpdate: scaleXie, onUpdateParams: ["{self}"]}); function scaleXie(t){ if(!Modernizr.smil){ //fallback for IE. $(t.target.selector).attr('transform', 'matrix(' + t.target[0]._gsTransform.scaleX + ', 0, 0, 1, 0,0)'); } } This works but is there a more elegant / global way to have TweenMax update the transform attribute on svg elements when the browser is IE ? I
  5. I'm brand new to javascript animation. Can I use this library to tween the drawing of lines (lineTo) on the canvas element? Is there another library out there better suited for that or should I just use plain javascript and requestAnimationFrame ?