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  1. First of all, thanks so much for such a quick answer. I tested the link you provide and it seems to work though with a slight frame jump in the first tween (heading). I tried to do the same in my original project (this is, changing the placement of both jQuery and Tweenmax script tags to the bottom of the page just as you did). I was using VERSION: beta 1.9.4 and it didn't seem to work, but changing the script to VERSION: beta 1.10.1 definitely made the change...(I wonder why it did not help solve the issue when you tested the page). I'll continue testing to make sure the results are not ramdomly buggy and I'll keep you all posted if I am able to get a pattern here. Once again, thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with several animated pages on my site that make use of gsap TimelineLite tweens. The thing is this issue can only be reproduced in my Ipad (I'm testing on an ipad mini with ios 6.1.3). If I go to a page with a tween it is reproduced with no issues whatsoever, but whenever I navigate to another animated page without letting the previous tween finish, the animation on the destination page will not start unless I force a page refresh. No issues appear if I wait until the end of the animations before navigating to the next page. I'm a complete newbie. Can you think o a fix for this? Here's a super simple link to test: http://www.serviciosmedia.eu/gsap/index.html Thank you in advance!