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  1. Hi, looks like it took more than a year but the animachine beta is out! This release has less features but way more stable and faster. (I had to rewrite the whole thing many times ) It's still just a proof of concept and not a ready to use tool but it's ready to try! It also has a website now (: animachine.org
  2. azazdeaz

    React and GSAP

    Hi Praney! I think, pactically, if you don't want to update the same styles or other attributes that GSAP does, remove animations and they effects from the component, or select components by they props, you're good to go with that approach.
  3. azazdeaz

    React and GSAP

    Hi FingerPuk! react-gsap-enhancer v0.2 is out now with react v0.14+ support and simpler API.
  4. azazdeaz

    React and GSAP

    Hi FingerPuk! Yes i know that, here is an issue about it: https://github.com/azazdeaz/react-gsap-enhancer/issues/8 TL;DR: react-gsap-enhancer v0.2 will come our soon with only React v0.14+ support and the warning will gone.
  5. azazdeaz

    React and GSAP

    @danielsdesk if you have any question about react-gsap-enhancer i waiting for them on gitter or in the github issues. There is also a lot of great people on this forum answering anything about GSAP.
  6. azazdeaz

    React and GSAP

    Thanks @danielsdesk! I'm looking forward to see if you create something cool with it!
  7. azazdeaz

    React and GSAP

    Hi, i made this tool to be able using React and GSAP together [Github](https://github.com/azazdeaz/react-gsap-enhancer) [Demos](http://azazdeaz.github.io/react-gsap-enhancer/#/demo/update-and-animate-transform) Please issue me know if you have an idea to make this better! (Or made something cool with it :simple_smile: ) The problem is React suspect that nothing else mutates the DOM of the components. So if you mutate it React will respond with tons of errors. This fix this problem by removing all the extra mutations before the React render() than restarts the animations.
  8. Great! Thanks for your support again!
  9. Hi, Instead of .add() a timeline to the other, can i tween it? Like this: tl.to(otherTl, 2, {time: 3, ease: Elastic.easeOut}) tl.to(otherTl, 2, {time: 3, ease: Elastic.easeOut}) tl.set(otherTl, {reversed: true}) tl.to(otherTl, 2, {progress: 0.2}) I tried in the codepen demo and it's working pretty well. (And this is unbelievably cool! ) But i did'n find any mention or documentation for this. (Sorry if i just missed it) Does it safe to do? If it is, which properties can we animate or toggle?
  10. Great! Thanks for your help! Is it possible to clone a timeline and recursively all its children in a similar way?
  11. Thanks Diaco! Sorry if i wasn't clear enough, so here is my question: I have a tween like this: var myAnim = new TweenMax(someNode, 1, {x: Math.random()}) There is any possible way to create an animation which is identical to the myAnim but have an other target if the only information i have is the myAnim instance? Or can i change the target of the myAnim somehow? (so i can't have a createAnim(target) function that creates the same animations with the specified targets)
  12. Hi, Is that possible to change target of an existing tween (without recreating it like here)? Or clone the tween or timeline with the current var-s and the new targets? It's is important to use the same tween because it can contain some randomly generated var-s which aren't stored anywhere else. I'm thinking on something like: var animation = TweenMax.to(nodeFirst, 1, {x: Math.random()}) function duringTheAnimation() { time = animation.time() animation.invalidate() magicallyReplaceTargets(animation, nodeFirst, nodeSecond) animation.restart() animation.time(time) } I'm experimenting with a tool to use React and GSAP together. The goal is to let React to rerender any time it wants during the animations while GSAP can directly animate the DOM nodes (not messing with the React component state). It's going well so far, but it would be great to solve the case when the component remount the targeted element.