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  1. As a Flash / AIR developer who is transitioning to Unity, I'd also love to see (and pay) for GSAP for Unity. While there are a number of tween engines for Unity, none of them really seem to come close to what GSAP offers ActionScript developers.
  2. Is it possible to use splitTextField with the Starling framework? Kind regards Simon
  3. Hi Carl, I had already tried every different anti-alias setting, and left it as bitmap before I sent you the FLA. The solution that has worked is to remove the 3D rotation tween. Keeping the blur worked, but the 3D rotation was the problem. Many thanks for your help! Simon
  4. Hi Carl, Simplified file attached. Open and run the FLA (Flash CC), click on the first line of text to start the animation. Text anims to send.zip
  5. Many thanks for your help. Can I upload a sample FLA to you, without it being made public?
  6. I have a simple splittextfield animation that animates some letters into place. Once complete, I call the destroy() method on the stf, returning the original textfield into place, as I need to dynamically update the contents of the text field as the program is running. When the destroy() method is called, and the original textfield is returned, there is quite a noticeable difference in how the text is rendered between the original text field and the splittextfield. It appears that the stf renders the font slightly thicker. Is there a solution or setting that will resolve this? Regards Simon