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  1. Hello @mikel, thanks for your quick reply! So, when creating a codepen to show, it did behave as expected, which was really confusing. After messing around with it a bit, I found that the difference seems to be how the array is created; whether it uses query strings or actual element references. So [[el_0_0, el_0_1], [el_1_0, el_1_1]] behaves differently than [['#el_0_0', '#el_0_1'], ['#el_1_0', '#el_1_1']]. https://codepen.io/axeen/pen/oNpYezq?editors=0110
  2. So, I'm pretty sure in past versions of gsap, target arrays were non-recursive; meaning if you pass in an array like [[element_0_0, element_0_1], [element_1_0, element_1_1]], it would treat it as two items. But it appears in gsap 3 it will be flattened into one big array of four items. Is there a way to turn this off? I'm looping through an element's children and bundling each child with a corresponding child in another element, and these pairs need to animate together in a stagger (meaning each pair is synced). Any ideas?