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  1. I know so little that even my question is ambiguous. Your reply is perfect. thank you for your help!
  2. Hello, Would someone be able to provide an example of a play button using the html href= format? I followed the Jump start and can use the <input format. Had been learning tweens. Would like to try the href= format. My attempts have failed. I am a know nothing. thank you
  3. Hello, Thank you. Read the Superscrollorama page again. Missed it the first. There is an option for scroll line # and element triggers. I find Greensock absolutley amazing !! It is such a fanatastic gift !!! thank you
  4. Hello, Need help to find info and examples on how to ... trigger animations to play when a specific anchor, or scroll line # become visible. Possibly with an offset option. To also play forward with down and right scrolling, and backwards with with up/left scrolling. Tried Superscrollorama controller, works, but it seems to be limited to window center, true and false. Or what the key words would be for a search? My efforts returned poor results. thank you