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  1. Thanks Jamie. That solves the start position yet the animation doesn't happen? :/
  2. http://jsfiddle.net/HSEXf/ if that helps. Updated code but still no go
  3. Ok Rodrigo, Seems I'm in need of assistance, sorry. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/lcrqp What I'm trying to do is make the toast (in this case just text), start at 85px, slide down to 160px and then back up to 85px. Doesn't want to budge :/ Something I've done wrong..
  4. Thank you so much Rodrigo. I'm going to have a play with this now and will let you know (and provide a fiddle) if I run into further issues. Thank you again! Cheers, Dov
  5. Trying to animate 2 elements and once they finish animate another. First issue is that the rotation doesn't quite happen nicely, it does it in a really jagged way. It also doesn't really adhere to my -90 start position for the slow-rotate or the -180 start position for fast-rotate? The below example should start at 3 o'clock and end at 6'oclock. controller.addTween('#slow-rotate', TweenMax.fromTo( $('#slow-rotate'), .25, {css:{rotation: -90}, immediateRender:true, ease:Quad.easeInOut}, {css:{rotation: 0}, ease:Quad.easeInOut}), scrollDuration); controller.addTween('#fast-rotate', TweenMax.fromTo( $('#fast-rotate'), .25, {css:{rotation: -1260}, immediateRender:true, ease:Quad.easeInOut}, {css:{rotation: -180}, ease:Quad.easeInOut}), scrollDuration); The other thing is how to set something to appear STRAIGHT AFTER those 2 above events have occured. ie: controller.addTween('#appear', TweenMax.from( $('#appear'), .5, {css:{opacity: 1}}), 50);