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  1. Hi, thank you for your help. I'm going to follow your suggestion. This is a response from Hype staf. It can help us to manage our code. Then, how can I put an important! attribute inside the GSAP CSS coding ? The issue comes about because Hype itself has a 3D rotation feature. To support this, we do several things such as setting those properties and containing elements within a container to properly deal with perspective and intersections. Assuming Hype's built-in 3D rotations and animations don't meet your needs, there's a few things you could do as a workaround: - Define the elements within the Inner HTML of a Box element in Hype. This means they wouldn't be managed by Hype and then should work okay. This is recommended. - Instead of Greensock's CSS setting, you may be able to use !important directives to set the CSS you want, although this may be tricky with the fact that Hype puts containers around the DOM elements. It isn't really supported, but might be an option.
  2. Sorry, I cannot include all the Hype assets in a free codepen, so I put it on my host. Is a zip file enough for you to check this ? Tell me if it isn't. Thank you very much. The zip that contains the HTML page and an assets folder. http://www.swipe-et-swipe.fr/gsap/Archive.zip This is the original Hype file : http://www.swipe-et-swipe.fr/gsap/imbrication3D.hype.zip A demo page at : http://www.swipe-et-swipe.fr/gsap/imbrication3D.html Here, only the first square seems to get the transformStyle property. The GSAP code inside the document : CSSPlugin.defaultTransformPerspective=900; var wall = document.getElementById("wall"); var square1 = document.getElementById("p1"); var square2 = document.getElementById("p2"); var square3 = document.getElementById("p3"); var square4 = document.getElementById("p4"); var square5 = document.getElementById("p5"); var square6 = document.getElementById("p6"); // settings TweenMax.set(wall,{rotationY:45, transformStyle:"preserve-3d"}); // tweens TweenMax.to(wall,16,{rotationX:1440}); TweenMax.to([p1,p3,p5],4,{rotationY:720, z:200}); TweenMax.to([p2,p4,p6],4,{z:-200});
  3. Great, guys. I am trying to publishing something for you. Thanks. In Hype Pro, it looks like as if they put a force3D turned false for every elements it contains. Is it possible to force it to true even if it was coded false at first ?
  4. Hi everybody, I used to work with Greensock API inside Flash (swf), Edge Animate, and, now, in Hype Pro since Edge has been abandonned by Adobe this year. I try to extend Hype features with a GSAP Tweenmax API. But, I cannot obtain 3D real perspective with imbricated symbols. I could get this inside Edge. Why is there a problem with Hype Pro ? I send you the Hype pro file to check it. Thanks for your help. I wrote this code : CSSPlugin.defaultTransformPerspective=700; var wall = document.getElementById("wall"); TweenMax.set(wall,{rotationY:45, transformPerspective:200, transformStyle:"preserve-3d", force3D:true}); TweenMax.to(wall,4,{rotationX:180}); TweenMax.to(".square",4,{rotationY:720}); imbrication3D.hype.zip
  5. Hi everybody, I used to integrate Greensock in Flash Actionscript files, by the past. When mobile devices arrived, I used GSAP JS version with Edge Animate. Actually, Edge is abandonned by Adobe and focus is on the new Animate CC (ex Flash) with HTML5 export. So, I am trying to integrate GSAP in Animate CC, but that works bad. If I can write some codes like this : TweenMax.to(this.lien_mc,3,{rotation:180}); Other commands doesn't seem to work : TweenMax.to(this.lien_mc,3,{rotationY:180}); or : Draggable.create(this.lien_mc ); This is the comment found on Chrome when I inspect the object (when using Draggable) : Uncaught Cannot tween a null target. Also, 3D properties seems not to be found : rotationX, rotationY, rotationZ. Do you have an example files to understand where is the conflict between GSAP and CreateJS ? Do you have a documentation to know how to use all GSAP possibilities inside the new Adobe Animate CC ? Thanks. Zhur animate cc.zip
  6. Hi, I bought the GSAP update to obtain the powerfull SVG plugins. But I've readen topics about edge and svg and I cannot make it work. I don't speak english very weel, so explanations seem quite confuse for me across the many pages of the forum. Can someone explain it in a synthetic page : how to use an Illustrator SVG file inside Edge Animate with GSAP and SVG draw and transform plugins ? Thanks a lot for your precious help. If you can produce a zip sample file too, that would be wonderfull. Thanks. Zhur
  7. Thanks for this response. It works ! Arzh
  8. Hi, I am using the Draggable plugin and I need to enable/disable it sometimes. I can't find a sample on the help documentation to control this. The follow exemple seems not to work : Draggable.enable(); Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks. I'm going to take a look.
  10. Hi, I'm really glad to use GSAP everyday right now, lonly or with Edge Animate. That's pretty fun. But, actually, I try to find a JS class to make multitouch gestures, like Pinch & zoom, rotate, swipes, with multi point events. Are there something like this in GSAP ? Where ? Thanks for your answer. Arzhur
  11. Hi, I also use Edge Animate combine to GSAP. That's wonderful. But, I don't understand why, when elements are placed inside a symbol, Draggable seems to loose object position when I release it and try to move it one more time. Is there a solution to keep release position for each new drag and drop ? Which kind of position do you advice for each object ? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I love GSAP. That gives incredible features in Edge Animate, Adobe DPS and Aquafadas ! Thanks for all. But, I'm trying to build a 3D model using some combined symbols inside Edge Animate (like a menu including some pictures wiches are all in a 3D orientation with rotationY). Then, each picture tween I can write works lonely, and the global menu too. But when I try to animate the pictures while I am moving in 3D the menu, pictures are staying in 2D. And the 3D animation of the pictures looks 2D, staying thin, flat, as if I could only tween one object in one 3D space at the same time. How should I do, to organise my symbols as a real 3D composition and build something like a coverflow ? Thanks.