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  1. Hi, thank you for your help. I'm going to follow your suggestion. This is a response from Hype staf. It can help us to manage our code. Then, how can I put an important! attribute inside the GSAP CSS coding ? The issue comes about because Hype itself has a 3D rotation feature. To support this, we do several things such as setting those properties and containing elements within a container to properly deal with perspective and intersections. Assuming Hype's built-in 3D rotations and animations don't meet your needs, there's a few things you could do as a workaround: - Define t
  2. Sorry, I cannot include all the Hype assets in a free codepen, so I put it on my host. Is a zip file enough for you to check this ? Tell me if it isn't. Thank you very much. The zip that contains the HTML page and an assets folder. http://www.swipe-et-swipe.fr/gsap/Archive.zip This is the original Hype file : http://www.swipe-et-swipe.fr/gsap/imbrication3D.hype.zip A demo page at : http://www.swipe-et-swipe.fr/gsap/imbrication3D.html Here, only the first square seems to get the transformStyle property. The GSAP code inside the document : CSSPlugin.defaultTransformPe
  3. Great, guys. I am trying to publishing something for you. Thanks. In Hype Pro, it looks like as if they put a force3D turned false for every elements it contains. Is it possible to force it to true even if it was coded false at first ?
  4. Hi everybody, I used to work with Greensock API inside Flash (swf), Edge Animate, and, now, in Hype Pro since Edge has been abandonned by Adobe this year. I try to extend Hype features with a GSAP Tweenmax API. But, I cannot obtain 3D real perspective with imbricated symbols. I could get this inside Edge. Why is there a problem with Hype Pro ? I send you the Hype pro file to check it. Thanks for your help. I wrote this code : CSSPlugin.defaultTransformPerspective=700; var wall = document.getElementById("wall"); TweenMax.set(wall,{rotationY:45, transformPerspective:200, trans
  5. Hi everybody, I used to integrate Greensock in Flash Actionscript files, by the past. When mobile devices arrived, I used GSAP JS version with Edge Animate. Actually, Edge is abandonned by Adobe and focus is on the new Animate CC (ex Flash) with HTML5 export. So, I am trying to integrate GSAP in Animate CC, but that works bad. If I can write some codes like this : TweenMax.to(this.lien_mc,3,{rotation:180}); Other commands doesn't seem to work : TweenMax.to(this.lien_mc,3,{rotationY:180}); or : Draggable.create(this.lien_mc ); This is the comment found on Chrome when I in
  6. Hi, I bought the GSAP update to obtain the powerfull SVG plugins. But I've readen topics about edge and svg and I cannot make it work. I don't speak english very weel, so explanations seem quite confuse for me across the many pages of the forum. Can someone explain it in a synthetic page : how to use an Illustrator SVG file inside Edge Animate with GSAP and SVG draw and transform plugins ? Thanks a lot for your precious help. If you can produce a zip sample file too, that would be wonderfull. Thanks. Zhur
  7. Thanks for this response. It works ! Arzh
  8. Hi, I am using the Draggable plugin and I need to enable/disable it sometimes. I can't find a sample on the help documentation to control this. The follow exemple seems not to work : Draggable.enable(); Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks. I'm going to take a look.
  10. Hi, I'm really glad to use GSAP everyday right now, lonly or with Edge Animate. That's pretty fun. But, actually, I try to find a JS class to make multitouch gestures, like Pinch & zoom, rotate, swipes, with multi point events. Are there something like this in GSAP ? Where ? Thanks for your answer. Arzhur
  11. Hi, I also use Edge Animate combine to GSAP. That's wonderful. But, I don't understand why, when elements are placed inside a symbol, Draggable seems to loose object position when I release it and try to move it one more time. Is there a solution to keep release position for each new drag and drop ? Which kind of position do you advice for each object ? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I love GSAP. That gives incredible features in Edge Animate, Adobe DPS and Aquafadas ! Thanks for all. But, I'm trying to build a 3D model using some combined symbols inside Edge Animate (like a menu including some pictures wiches are all in a 3D orientation with rotationY). Then, each picture tween I can write works lonely, and the global menu too. But when I try to animate the pictures while I am moving in 3D the menu, pictures are staying in 2D. And the 3D animation of the pictures looks 2D, staying thin, flat, as if I could only tween one object in one 3D space at the same time. Ho