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  1. Yes, as I've written in the first post there's an array of KeyframeBase objects with each of them containing one keyframe data. Thanks, I'll try that out! Is there a way to control/set framerate for individual timeline?
  2. Yes, something like that! Now how do I combine that with other tween properties like change in (x,y) position ?
  3. I extract motion data (as array of keyFrameBase objects) from an imported swf clip during runtime. That data contains all changes per each frame. Yes, with TimelineLite I can animate from point A to point B on various params, but I need more granular control for each frame, e.g. rotation is different in each frame. LinePath2D does that but only for (x,y) , not other motion tween params. Maybe there's a way to animate according to motion tween data that I just missed somehow?
  4. Would you consider updating the class by including more data from the fl.motion:KeyFrameBase (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/fl/motion/KeyframeBase.html ), specifically : rotationConcat color alpha I was considering using Tweenlite for my Starling game. Llevels are imported from swf and then parsed during runtime. Those levels contain movieclips with motion tweens (+ rotation along the path). With tweenlite it's possible to rotate only one way or another, not have a rotation value per each frame, not to mention other things like color values.