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  1. @Efficacy IO Hi there, I actually never went any further with this, the plan was to just run it clientside and upload the frames to a server to stitch with ffmpeg, or as you say dump them server side in Node. You could take look at https://github.com/Automattic/node-canvas Other than that sorry man, did not get that far :( Good luck!
  2. That is perfect .. many thanks for the prompt reply and taking the time to elaborate (not just a one liner), it is appreciated. I'll definitely give you guys a preview when it's done. Have a fantastic Thursday.
  3. Hi guys, I am looking into building an adverting system that would use GS at it's core. I am going to use bottom end android tables as display units and I currently find that animations are jerking due to the low spec CPUs. I know that there is some GPU support in CSS3 but I am not sure how practical or applicable this is to the mobile platform. Having said that I know that most of these low spec tablets do have quite good GPU's for video playback up to 1080p 30fps and I am only looking for 720p 30-60fps. So what I am looking to do is use the 'save to image' function of canva