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  1. Hi Jack Yes! That has resolved it Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time and for including it in the next release... Appreciate all the work you guys do. Heather
  2. Working on Mac OS 12.6. Latest Chrome. It happens on embedded codepen and codepen page and also the link you shared without iframes. Also happens on my iPhone in Safari and Chrome. It also happens on the project which I'm working on which is why I came back to check the codepen to make sure it wasn't something I had done. Not sure what I can do further to show you - the video shows it best. Thanks
  3. btw if I remove the vertical sections above and below the issue is resolved - not sure if this sheds any light?
  4. Hi Rodrigo I am using the latest Chrome. Have done a small screen capture so you can see what I mean. It's like the height of the element is lost for a split second but only at the ends of the scrolltrigger. thanks horizontal scrolltrigger glitch small.mov
  5. hi, hope it's ok to tag onto the end of this. I am using the example above but have noticed there is a weird glitch when navigating from the first horizontal panel to any other panel after it (a white section appears briefly at the bottom) AND when navigating from panel 5 to any before (a white section appears briefly at the top). I have tried playing around with the css etc but get rid of it. Any idea what is causing this? Thanks
  6. Yes that did it! thanks so much
  7. Hiya I also wanted to create this image reveal and have it working responsively using the code you supplied above. I saw the video by Snorkl.tv which implied that this could be used with the inertia plugin so I went ahead and bought the shocking green subscription and installed the plugin. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Am I missing something here? All I did was add inertia:true to the draggable element. Any help much appreciated! Thanks
  8. Hi I am working on a website for a client which is basically an old flash site which I am translating into HTML with GSAP animation. The whole thing also uses parallax.js to create a layered 3d effect. This works great across all devices and moves when an ipad is tilted etc. My problem is that tweenmax is clashing somehow with the parallax javascript and causing the animations to jump or in the case of CSS opacity the fade does not work at all. When I remove parallax.js then it works just fine. So I did some research and then it occurred to me that it may be possible to create the parallax effect without using the plugin but through gsap itself and then it wouldn't cause compatibility issues. But although I can find examples of parallax controlled by mouse movement, there doesn't seem to be anything about creating this effect with device orientation/tilting etc Is this even possible? Thanks