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  1. That does look better. What's the advantage of adding h1 > * { will-change: transform; } rather than h1 { will-change: transform; }
  2. Is there something I'm doing wrong in this splittext example? The text animation is not the usual buttery smooth gsap I'm used to. Thanks
  3. Wow mvaneijgen, you are a magician. As you can see I know just enough to be dangerous. I didn't know I could target all rect and circs in the svg. What is this clearing? console.clear(); Thank You. You deserve a reward. Chris
  4. In this I'm using scrolltrigger with a million different shapes morphing in 4 stages. If you scroll slowly there is no issue. But scrolling up and down several times the shapes start flying off. I have the scrolltrigger on the master timeline, with 8 timelines within it. Thanks for any help. Chris
  5. Thanks Jack. I look forward to that one. Great work!
  6. Thanks @ZachSaucier Yeah I didn't think about the repeat refresh. Even if mine did work, I'd never see the random change. Thank you
  7. I can't get the random to work. Any help would be so awesome. Thank You
  8. @Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I was thinking about what was going on in the art, and tried the overlap as a test. I saw the result was promising and tweaked the length a few times, and thats it.
  9. Thanks @ZachSaucier That example is beautiful. But it's too much dev work for me to really grasp. After playing around with it for a while I was able to get what I wanted by overlapping the beginning and end of the Illustrator art. Here is what I have. https://codepen.io/sirhclluk/pen/mdyoMzO?editors=1010
  10. Is there a way to have the dash continuously move around without that glitch when the end and starting point meet? I forked one of your pens. Thanks
  11. sirhclluk

    PixiPlugin help

    I've looked at https://greensock.com/docs/Plugins/PixiPlugin and the codepen example. Could someone break it down super simple for me? What's the minimum code I need to blur the image using pixijs? Thank You! Chris
  12. Thanks for looking at it PointC. Using chrome. Here is a screenshot during the unwanted shaking. So when the finger goes back to swipe, the icon shakes.
  13. After resizing this animation, the icons that are rotating do a weird vibrating thing. And sometimes the finger flies off. Please help... Thanks
  14. Thanks PointC. The illustrator trick of reversing the path in Attributes did the trick