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  1. Ok, I got it. When I play forward the pause call gets executed and then the timeline stops. So when I go backwards the first thing, that is found in the timeline is the pause call. In order to fix this, I check in my pauseTL function the direction of the playback and which button is clicked, so that the pause does not get executed on direction change.
  2. Hi and thank you for your answer. What you are suggesting in your code is exacty what I did. But it is not working like I described. I still have to click on the button twice if I want to change direction, when timeline is paused. So I tried something different and deleted the pause calls from the timeline and instead I created a button to pause. And somehow using this button does not create the problem the timeline works exactly as expected. I just can't find out, what is going wrong.
  3. Hello, I have a timeline, which is supposed to pause at certain points. From there I either want to go forward or backwards one step to the next pause-point by clicking on buttons. So in my timeline I put tl.call(pauseTL) at this points and the function pauseTL doesn't do anything else than tl.pause(). The problem now is, if I change direction of playback at this points I have to click twice in order for this to work. So if I click the backbutton while timeline is paused and I have been going forward before it only works when I click for the second time. Any ideas? Thank you for your help.