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  1. I just decided to make GSAP a core part of our flagship product!  We made the same decision wayyy back in 2008/9 or so when it was just Jack in Flash AS2/AS3 and a bunch of starfield benchmark tests against tweener and a few other inferior libraries, lol, and it was the best decision we ever made on that app. Smooth like butter, every time.  And, just by reading through the source code you become a better programmer, pretty sweet bonus.


    I lost my oldest login and got a new one in 2013 but didn't transition to HTML5 until this past year. 


    Now it's 2017 and it's time to bring back the magic and stop letting jquery jerk us around on screen and in the promised land of the SVG.  It totally sucks flash died.  Thanks Apple and Adobe.  Should have both supported it and open sourced that one, the performance is still better in some ways.  Oh well, evolution means giving up some things, too.  I was salty about AS3 and it turned out to be a landslide better than AS2, so I'm pretty happy to move on to HTML5 where there's an infinitely bigger community to rally round the pixels.


    Here's to new mind boggling animation performance on all devices, and hopefully really cool bitmap effects again. :)

  2. ...steps out of the shadows... I think it was four years since my last post. I was an as2 and then as3 lib user back in the good ol days of Flash. Great post.
  3. Man a lot has changed since this last post... 4+ years ago. I wonder what your take is on this now. HTML5 Canvas is OK, but the world of SVG is much more fun these days and support for it is great. I prefer SVG over Canvas and there are filters that have bitmap style effects with vector rendering it seems. I use Fabric JS a lot and am considering more of a SVG + Greensock as a huge upgrade. You still can't really animate that well in Canvas performance wise yet... right? But SVG tweens seem pretty smooth from what I've tested...
  4. Hot dam, you are correct. Sorry about that, I now see that it was ported over some time last year, it did originally use TransformManager purchased under another account and I see a dev note here that the feature request was to have a vertical rotate handle control that sticks up from the center with a ball on top like in the Senocular TransformTool example. Is that a supported control in the GS TransformManager? Unfortunately looks like the Senocular TransformTool was in the middle of a v2 beta that wasn't quite finished and isn't supported anymore - no updates since 2013. So, now it looks like maybe we'll be porting BACK to GS TransformManager at some point this year. Yay! I'll be back! We still use TweenLite and TweenMax religiously and have for probably close to 10 years. Thanks
  5. Transform Manager works GREAT in general, first off. But, when I apply a ColorMatrixFilter to a container - in this case taking the whole design area and applying a greyscale effect - the TransformManager selection box / handles show up offset up and left from the actual target. The filter applied looks like- _greyScaleEnabled == true; var matrix:Array = new Array(); matrix=matrix.concat([0.5,0.5,0.5,0,0]);// red matrix=matrix.concat([0.5,0.5,0.5,0,0]);// green matrix=matrix.concat([0.5,0.5,0.5,0,0]);// blue matrix=matrix.concat([0,0,0,1,0]);// alpha var greyscaleFilter:ColorMatrixFilter=new ColorMatrixFilter(matrix); applyCanvasMatrixFilter(greyscaleFilter) applied to the layers container (where all the interactive objects are in child containers for different layers) public function applyCanvasMatrixFilter( $matrixFilter:ColorMatrixFilter ):void { if (!_myFilters) { _myFilters = []; } _myFilters.push($matrixFilter); _layersContainer.filters = _myFilters; } From this point on, after the TransformTool had been positioned perfectly up until this point, it will now be offset significantly up and left. It seems there may be some kind of translation from child x,y position to the stage position / transform tool container (localToGlobal or similar?) that might not be working right when a filter like this is applied to a grandparent of the target object. Scale is at play too of both the target object and the container object as well. Is this a known bug, or are there configurations for the TransformTool that will help correct offset? Does applying a filter to a parent container wipe out location data of child objects in flash somehow? Thanks so much for any insight on how to fix this...
  6. Ok Thanks Carl I will check this out - thanks for the tutorial link. I really enjoyed past "Smooth Image Loader" and similar BMP Data handling classes in GS AS3. So, I'll use this method and look forward to any BMP classes or utilities you guys put out in the future. Thanks!
  7. Been holding out and feel like a n00b all over again, desperately awaiting making the transition from Flash to JS/HTML5 but not clear on how to capture and manipulate BitmapData yet. Capture Image Data I have to capture Image Data for things like cropping a composition of multiple custom user-placed images/text/graphics and export it / save it to the server at the end of my drawing application (currently only in Flash and needing to port for mobile). I can handle the writing to the server with a PHP API easily, but how to capture image data and send in the best way....... that's where I'm foggy without my trusty beloved AS3 BitmapData() and Bitmap() classes and their killer functions. Short and Sweet? $('#someElementOrCanvas').drawBitmap(w,h,matrixTransforms); // or similar would be (more than) cool. GSAP Alone? Is this GSAP library already there now to help do this kind of image data stuff? GSAP + ____ .... Raphael? Or, does another library come to mind that would play nice and plug in lightly with this to accomplish bitmap data capture or draw functions with transforms, or am I getting too needy already for this version of GASP/JS? haha RaphaelJS? Other? Thanks a lot.