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  1. Sounds like ScrollMagic would be perfect for your needs. There's a nice tutorial here: https://ihatetomatoes.net/simple-scrollmagic-tutorial/
  2. Thanks very much! I knew it would be simple. indexOf() was all I needed.
  3. Long time reader – first time poster. Love the forum and GSAP. I’m in awe of all the cool stuff being created by everyone. This is probably quite simple, but I’m more of a designer than a Javascript guru. I’m learning though. If I have a draggable with throwprops set to true and an array defining my snap points, how can I retrieve the array position number that the draggable snapped to onThrowComplete? I don’t need the position of the draggable element, but rather the position in the array that was used. So, if my snap array were [100,200,300,400,500] and the draggable settles/snaps to 400, how do I retrieve the value of 3 from the snap array onThrowComplete? Thank in advance.