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  1. Thanks, I'll have a look into creating a custom plugin. I'dont wan't to use percentages because of rounding issues. I use a lot of png sprite animations and when I use percentages things tend to cut off or add an extra pixel.
  2. Hi, I am searching for a way to alter css values that are set with tweenmax. for example: TweenMax.to(".obj",1,{marginLeft:400}); with jQuery i could do something like this: $.cssHooks.marginLeft = { get: function( elem, computed, extra ) { return $.css( elem, "marginLeft"); }, set: function( elem, value) { elem.style["marginLeft"] = (parseFloat(value) * 0.5) + "px"; } }; The reason I want to do this is because I have a lot's of tweens and the animation should be adaptive. I could adjust them al by hand but it would be much easier if could add a ratio per breakingpoint.