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  1. Hi, First, thanks for the great products. Greensock is the first 3rd-party tweening library I've used, and I love it. I have an AIR application that contains about 25 videos. Every time we play a video, we unload the last video. The problem is the video object is not being garbage-collected after we call unload. It's staying in memory. By the time we've played all 25 of our videos, memory is approaching 1.5 gigabytes and our program crashes. This is how we create the VideoLoader: vloader = new VideoLoader(config.videoAPI+videofs, {name:"video_"+ys+"_"+i, scaleMode:"stretch", load:false, autoPlay:false, smoothing:true, bufferTime: 2}); This is our code to unload it: video.loader.cancel(); video.loader.unload(); video.loader.dispose(true); I imagine all three lines are overkill, but we are trying everything. Could it be an eventListener that is preventing the memory from being freed? Thanks, Bob