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  1. Awesome. I will try to keep you all in the loop!
  2. Correct. Not to mention, the abundance of features that TimeLineLite would offer the "new MovieClip" right out of the gate. I imagine there being some potential features pertaining to this, that TimelineLite/Max may or may not need to cater to. It would be great to bounce some of this off of you guys as I go through it, your approval and/or advice would be invaluable.
  3. I'm considering writing a MovieClip class that interfaces with GSAP, along with a grunt task that will auto convert the tweenjs animations to support gsap... I would love to get your input and approval, as I approach something plausible?
  4. Essentially, I am trying to avoid the need of 2 tweening engines, within my application (TweenJS & Tweenlite) Currently, when you export an animation with the createjs toolkit, it creates a js file that draws your shapes, then assembles the animation by creating an easeljs Movieclip. This in effect uses TweenJS, here's an example of that: this.instance_38 = new lib.leg(); this.instance_38.setTransform(48.2,106.7,1.035,1.109,39); this.timeline.addTween(cjs.Tween.get(this.instance_38).to({x:37.2},10).wait(1)); }).prototype = p = new cjs.MovieClip(); p.nominalBounds = new cjs.Rectangle(7.7,3.7,134,137.7); I've searched long and hard for a solution, but have failed to find anything. What are my options?