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  1. Hello all! is it possible for someone to show me a prev&next navigation code example using green sock? thank's in advance!
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    Hello, first of all, congratulations for this awsome framework! Let me say that i am a newbie in javascript...but i whant to learn everything about it...i have some understanding of flash animation with timeline and some AS3. I am trying to build a portfolio, using only greesock js library, but i am stucked at the begining already.... So, i have my first two elements (logo and button), that are animated when window loads. What i whant to do is to reverse the animation on button click, so that this elements go off stage, and others come in. But i can't make the reverse function to work. you can see the example here: http://wearebird.net/portfolio/ my code is this: window.onload = function() { var logo = document.getElementById("logo"); var btn = document.getElementById("btn") ; tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.from(logo, 1, {bottom:"600px", top:"500px", scale:"0px", autoAlpha:"0"}); tl.from(btn, 1, {bottom:"500px", top:"500px", opacity:"0", fade:"0", rotation:"-180"}); } btn.click(function(){ tl.reverse(); }); please someone help me... (my english is not the best probably, once is not my mother language...sorry about that...)