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  1. Hello I am using this code : jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(function () { jQuery('#categories.nav li, #pages.nav li').hover(function () { jQuery('ul', this).stop(true, true).delay(200).slideDown(200); }, function () { jQuery('ul', this).stop(true, true).slideUp(200); }); }); }); This code is not working well. For example, when I open the homepage of my wp theme and I mouseover the menu, jquery doesn't work on the first try (so the submenu works normally without the jquery effect). However, it does work from the second attempt onwards. If I go to another page or I refresh the current page, jQuery doesn't work initially but again, it starts to work on the second attempt... Can you explain why this happens? I would welcome suggestions for a better solution, I just want my submenu to act the same as yootheme or similiar. (I am testing this wordpress theme on localhost) Thank you!!
  2. ok. great i will wait for the demo := tnx !!!
  3. hey it is working now !!! please tell me one thing more, which combination is best for submenu effect which is the same or very similar as here, please take a look how works submenu : http://www.yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/glass thank you !!!
  4. Hi thank you for the reply, yes i will try this now. and yes my wp theme is calling jQuery in separate like this : wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery' );
  5. Hello I have a Wordpress theme where i want to use GSAP JS for my Menu specifically for my submenu and I've tried a few basic examples and they all work but when i want to use GSAP JS for this element : #categories.nav li ul , then is not working... How GSAP JS can work with this element : #categories.nav li ul ? This element is for submenu of my Menu. please tell me on basic example below how can i do it ? <script> window.onload = function(){ var logo = document.getElementById("logo"); TweenLite.to(logo, 1, {left:"632px"}); } </script> Thank you !!!!