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  1. fixed it! There were some initial keyframes on about and gallery which i've deleted, i guess if html5 has it's hooks in it it's forced in to 'relative mode' or something.
  2. Hello! I'm very new to js so apologies if this is something obvious, but i'm having some trouble with TweenMax in edge animate. I figure there's always lots going on behind the scenes using these wysiwyg programs so that could be the problem, anyway... I've got 3 buttons that i'm tweening like this: TweenMax.to(sym.$("btn_about") ,.5, {left:"80%",delay:.1,ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenMax.to(sym.$("btn_map") ,.5, {left:"80%",delay:.2,ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenMax.to(sym.$("btn_gallery") ,.5, {left:"80%",delay:.3,ease:Quart.easeOut}); All three of these buttons are identical symbols apart from the text inside - "btn_map" moves to 80% (which is what i'm after) but "btn_about" and "btn_gallery" add 80% to the current left property. Has anyone encountered this before? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Carl, just glancing i can see a a couple things i've done differently that might be messing things up (such as changing mc.x rather than using scrollX) i'll check the file out and let you know what happens
  4. Hi guys, So i've made a draggable object that looks like a top down view of a tire, it has a blitmasked artwork mc inside, this mc wraps so that when you drag it gives the illusion of the tire rolling. That all works fine but i want the user to be able to switch between a few styles of tires by changing to a new frame of the artwork mc like so: blitMask.dispose(); artworkMc.gotoAndStop(whichTire); artworkMc.x = 0; blitMask = new BlitMask(artworkMc,-artworkMc.width/2,-artworkMc.height/2,artworkMc.width,artworkMc.height,false,false,0,true); some of the tires are different sizes so i was hoping stating 'artworkMc.width' would get that information, but the mask is staying the original size. Also is seems that the artwork of the original tire frame is still in the background behind the new frame. I reckon it's more a problem with my logic than anything else but if anyone can throw me some pointers that'd be great! Thanks