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  1. Ha ha, thanks all for your incredibly quick response time and the clear explanations - much appreciated! I was aware of the jquery selectors but unaware of the director selector engine, always nice to get some bonus info. I've only just started using the engine. I have a load of AS2, AS3 and javascript experience behind me but I've not worked with an animation engine that's as fully-featured as this. Excellent work! Thanks again for the quick replies! Cheers Tim
  2. I have a few tweens as part of a TimelineMax instance that have a speed of 0. However they are executing out of sequence with the rest of the tweens, seemingly running at the very start of the timeline playback. Changing the speed to 0.1 fixes this issue. Here's a fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/wxxkA/2/ Any ideas? Thanks