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  1. Can you confirm this is a behaviour that´s not correct ? When will it be fixed as it seems to me quite a mayor issue ? Cheers David
  2. With some more investiongation I could determine that if the transformationOrigin in FF is set to Pixel Value it works somehow. But not satisfieing as the width and height of the object tend to vary, so the animation is not exactly to the point centered. In IE I didn´t manage it to get this work. And also it´s not working under : OPERA Version 12.15 Build 1748 Platform Linux Any help and comment is appreciated.
  3. http://jsfiddle.net/rsysweb/HtXWp/ In Chrome as expected. In Firefox the transformOrigin seems to be ignored. In IE10 and lower the Animation doesn´t start. What´s the problem ? Thanks for your trouble in advance ....