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  1. Thanks for the reply!


    I am a huge fan and shall not stop in anyway to give a suggestion or two :)


    I really appreciate all your efforts and hard work to bring up such an awesome product.



  2. Thanks for the reply!


    Indeed i've structured my tweens in such a way that they are harmless if disabled.


    Giving you an example, I have used MotionBlur in a few places in my code, If i do not activate the motion blur plugin, the effect is not rendered but it does not affect my game in anyway.


    Similarly all my tweens are completely independent of other objects. I am not forcing my object alpha to be 0 and then tweening, rather, I prefer using from method in such cases.

  3. So are you saying you want to have hundreds of tweens in your code and then at runtime you want to make none of them work? Or are you saying you want to extract TweenMax from your entire project at compile-time so that TweenMax never gets included to begin with? 


    I suppose if you want your tweens to act almost immediately (as if their duration was almost 0), you could set the TweenMax.globalTimeScale to a crazy high number. If you want to literally remove TweenMax from the swf entirely, you'd need to edit your code or swap in a dummy TweenMax.as file that's basically a stub (no functional code) before compiling. 


    Thanks for the reply!

    I already have a 100 tweens in my code, I do not want to remove it from my code, nor I want them to execute immediately, just the ability to disable it when not required (in case the performance is bad on slower machines). something like: TweeMax.DisableAllTweens() -> this should just disable all the tweenmax instances that are already initialised and all the new ones too.

    Thanks again :)

  4. Is there a way to disable (not remove) TweenMax completely from your game?


    I've used it in at least 100 locations but how can I simply disable it all together, without having to change my code completely? I am trying this because on a few very slow machines the performance is poor, so I want a way to disable it when not required.


    Much Thanks :)