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  1. Yes I can see that. But what I see in addition is that animation would be very useful to people who need to understand, explain or test how to achieve an objective - like distributing materials on a building site or a surgical procedure perhaps. Sir Tim Berners-Lee started WWW to serve a very elite scientific community and you know what happened to that; I see something similar possible here. The GUI alone is not the key to making your work accessible to everyone; more significant is how to transfer the variables in everyday life into variable values needed to get your timelines working for the general public. Of course it would be foolish to pretend life is not complex which is why we should consign as much as possible to the computer and spread as wide as possible the burden of collecting masses of diverse reusable information. Here is another short video that addresses that using a very small extract of the animation in the video posted above. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGUWfdz7BsE I think forum members will see many familiar aspects of animation there that lead to a new role for them (not you) marrying plain text variable data and coding as web devices*. I hope also the video responds satisfactorily to the other points you make and shows there is no call for additional GSAP resources, though a wider marketing perspective would I am sure reap rewards. * I made up this name because like a website it marries information and technology but instead of sitting there to be read actually creates something (like an animation).
  2. Here is the updated video, which on the one hand highlights the need for help converting the animation to GSAP and on the other hopefully explains why I am asking for it. The whole thing turns on this statement: To expand the IT sector we need to be able to define what needs to be achieved for many more endeavours, in a way that can be easily automated with linked-in information technology. In other words we need a way for individuals or groups in different sectors to tell the IT sector what they want to achieve just like banks did with their expensive consultants to introduce ATMs. A deep rooted but understandable problem with this is that most people think what they want to achieve is some kind of document , whereas in reality it can only be a means to an end. For an example, an architect will produce a beautiful set of drawings and specifications but what is really needed at the front line is a set of instructions what to buy and fix, displayed on a smart phone or pad. I remember when self-service retailing was frowned upon so I know that a move from document-based processes to animated screen objects is not for the faint-hearted. But just maybe one or two of you are willing to give it a shot. If nothing else it should help widen the scope for possible sponsorship which Kineticjs and GSAP need and deserve. I would be interested in members views. Thanks Edit - embedded youtube
  3. Looking for collaborators

  4. Thanks Carl I am really looking for collaborators much like I see Eric has attracted ( I see quite a few "thanks to" in his Change log). In fact what I am doing extends your anticipated demo of two platforms to three. An obvious problem is that the third platform "Namesets" is yet to be a recognised cross discipline aspect of IT (you can think of it as the logic of specific processes expressed as plain text instructions suitable for automation) and at this stage I think only I can develop this part. To date the need for working coding has detracted from advancing this but now I think I can demonstrate with marshalling yard operations how to set up sequences and global criteria (like block controls/collision detection) in plain text if some kind people could revamp/contribute some coding modules. Btw I chose railways as they are reasonably neutral and free of subjective judgement, but the principles apply to many other sectors like building, healthcare ... Actually animation is quite a small but vital part of the whole. The movement of sliders and panels in the machine is separate from the movement of the trains in the yard plug in. At the moment machine parts move using the old Kineticjs transitionTo and each loco and wagon has its own Kinetic animation. Revamping the machine would just take time but the prospect of sorting out coding for shunting over curved paths is really daunting for a reluctant coder like me. I know it is a bit much to spring Namesets on you with my first post here, but I hope you can see that a video spruced up with proper animation coding could at the very least showcase Kineticjs and GSAP in a novel environment that is productive as well as the more standard "awesome." I hope there are some people around here mad enough to want to help!
  5. OLD VIDEO DELETED - SEE BELOW Here is a rough-in of video as basis for JV request. I want to improve the current display animation (Kineticjs) but I am torn with the need to work on the wider issues as well as expanding the plain text instructions to show shunting and block controls. If anyone would like to help, I think we could bring the wonders of Kineticjs and GSAP to many more people for mutual benefit including their increased productivity. I also have a web site at glasier.hk. Thanks