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  1. Hey all, Got a bit of a quandary going here. So what I'd like to be able to do is to move the points of a polygon contained within a mask a variable amount (in this demo, 400 pts). A pen can be found here: (FF only) codepen.io/johnblazek/pen/CqEpd I'm using the attrPlugin, and adjusting the x/y coordinates within the point, but I'm getting no luck. Could the fact I'm using this as a mask be messin me up?
  2. Thanks guys! I ended up writing my own codepen for this using jQuery to sort the matrix value: http://codepen.io/johnblazek/pen/gkHeI But I think _gsTransform is the better option here, this is good to know! -JB
  3. Hey all, wanted to see if there is a way to pass a currently tweened value through the onUpdateParams parameter. Example: TweenMax.to( $('.el'), 1, { x:_X, onUpdate:_FUNCTION, onUpdateParams:[???this.x, this.tweenedValue, I dunno], ease:Quad.easeOut } ); function _FUNCTION($x) { console.log('looking for the $('.el') X value ) } especially with an X value, would rather be able to pull that value with GSAP rather than use the browser selectors. Thanks!
  4. Hey TweenMaxers, Was futzin around and prototyped up a 3d carousel (http://codepen.io/johnblazek/full/nceyw, also using on my personal site) that works well in Webkit, followed by Safari and maybe IE10 (it doesn't work on my VM) Noticed a couple things happening when I tried to animate on the Z axis. 1. In lines 60-64 in the JS, I'm defaulting to use the vendor prefixes in order to get translateZ to show true perspective. Tried using this code: TweenMax.set($item, { rotationY: rY * i, z:radius }), but throws some weird positions when used. 2. The other weird thing is if you reference line 103 and 104, you'll notice I broke them up into 2 calls, one, a "to," and the other a "set" because when I tried combining them and animate the z axis along with rotation X and Y, once you go past rotation Y -90 degrees and 90 degrees, it spazzes out. Any ideas?