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  1. Excellent! Thanks for the feedback Rodrigo & Jack. Rodrigo - Thanks for the warm welcome I was thinking down those lines as a backup but obviously trying to avoid generating extra images, if possible. Jack - your solution to use animate on "x" instead of "left" worked like a charm! Webkit filter still applies but the object can now be positional tweened! Haven't been able to get this working in Firefox yet (I realize my URL was off in my fiddle) but will give it a shot later.
  2. Noticed a bug involving positional tweens for a DOM element with a dropShadow filter. The reason for the CSS3 dropShadow filter is that I have a transparent PNGs I'd like to provide a shadow for, and GS's box-shadow only adds a shadow to the rectangular block shape of the element. Unfortunately, I've noticed that whenever the filter is applied to an element, I can not position the element via standard GS Tweens. (Ideally this would be as part of a TimelineLite, but the same bug applies to TweenLite / TweenMax calls). Here's a fiddle that shows the phenomenon. By default, the element tweens just fine. However, toggle on the .shadowfilter class (which adds the webkit and FF versions of dropShadow), and the element no longer translates. Any ideas for workarounds for this? Or is this a known bug? I realize that as dropShadow is a filter, this is not going to be supported by GS for sometime, but can I at least still move a filtered element around? http://jsfiddle.net/tkshredder/tYZ8E/9/