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  1. Any idea how to use Gsap Spilt text in Animate CC
  2. Hello, is there any easy way adding clicktag in animate CC, instead doing it in HTML..can we directly add in animate CC.. thanks in advance
  3. Mustana


    Hi, I am useing scroll magic for first time and i got stuck.... everything works fine but what when i click on buttons(social media, design, etc... ) the scroll should get disable and normal animation should play without scrolling and when scroll again my animation should get active on scroll... Please see below link to have an idea http://fbapps.ae/centric_2016/ thanks in advance for help! Mustafa
  4. I am working on a site but when i gave rollover through js using tweenlite , its doesn't works smoothly middBttn0.addEventListener("mouseover", midNavHover); middBttn0.addEventListener("mouseout", midNavOut); function midNavHover(e) { console.log('hover'); TweenMax.to( document.getElementById('midBttn0'), 0.5, { backgroundColor:"#9fc73a" }); } function midNavOut(e) { console.log('hout'); TweenMax.to( document.getElementById('midBttn0'), 3, { backgroundColor:"#e6e6e6"}); } anyone please help me, the rollover is quite slow
  5. Mustana


    Hi, i am getting a weird issue while using dragger, it works fine on chrome but ie10 and above has issue while dragging the green bar http://sandbox.iprox.net/mustafa/Prox/Merc/AClass/980x250/Default.html Can anyone please help with above thanks mustafa 970x250.zip