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  1. Hi Rodrigo! What can I say? You're genius and magician!! Your code works great! And also is flexible, that's what I needed:) Thank you very much! Here is updated site: http://arcadioenmadrid.es/scroll/2mojedemoFOLIO.html Thank to you I fixed my css and this wrap/container mess. Every scene is in the container which have height = scene scroll lenght(by superscrollama)+scene height Sorry for my mistakes before with ScrollTop instead ScrollTo. I forgot load plugin ScrollTo before and when I was using this my page skip to positions instead scrolling, so only ScrollTop was working for me:) Thanks for nice words, I'm glad that you like my graphics! These graphics will are fixed later when I'll finish working code because now I've got them from my actual portfolio: arcadioenmadrid.es I'm graphic designer not code developer so you know why I asked about simple things and why I made simple mistakes:)But I want to finish this project:) So if you don't mind I'll put Your contacts/website/info in comment in my page source. Thanks again! Regards Arek
  2. Hello Rodrigo! Thank you very much for your help! Your method is working like I wanted on Chrome. Unfourtunately it isn't work on FF at all and I don't know why. Here is updated site: http://arcadioenmadrid.es/scroll/1-2ojedemoFOLIO.html Maybe you know why it isn't work at FF? Now I have to figure out universal method to snapping scroll that will be working on every DIV in 'container'. I tried like you wrote with this 'flasz' DIV and changing body background-color on scroll. But problem was still on Chrome with trasition background color of body. Now I have problem with Superscrollama too. DIV 'city' what is second should be pinned to animation like previous 'enviro' but it doesn't work too:/ The problem is with position CSS 'top'. Now DIV 'city' has top: 3700 and doesn't pin, when top: 0px it's working but it shows on the begining and after first div animation. I'm grateful for your help! Best Regards Arek
  3. Hi Everyone! I have problem with figure out method to scroll snapping to the nearest point. I'm using Superscrollama. This is my testing site: http://arcadioenmadrid.es/scroll/2mojedemoFOLIO.html First DIV is pinned by superscrollama for 3000px after this it scrolling up and there will be second pinned DIV for next some pixels. I would like to make something snapping like on this site: http://www.kosmostumostow.pl So in my case if user stop scroll at <1500 after 1 second site should auto scroll to 0px if he stop on >=1500 site should scrolling to the next DIV. I tried various methods with setTimeout and it never works. Browser snap to for example point 0px and I can't scrolling or looping function till browser crash on it. Anyone could me help with this? I'll be grateful. Thanks! p.s. Maybe someone know why don't work trasition background to white on Chrome and on Firefox is okay?