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  1. Thank you very much!!! Sorry for such stupid question, still learning JS and wasn't even aware of .slice()
  2. Updated the codepen https://codepen.io/thecodenaut/pen/PoemWpp Managed to almost resolve this using onEnter, however now looks like there is empty position created between first and second slide element... I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong, if someone could point me in right direction would be nice
  3. Hello everyone, trying to create a projects showing section using scrollTrigger demo code, if you check the attached pen, you'll see that first section is not visible until you scroll. Need some help making first section of projects appear automatically when top of .blocks reaches top of viewport (can't understand how to achieve it) 😕 any help appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone, reading other people code I noticed this effect, it animates and fades the boxes towards top. My question is what "-=0.4" value at the end of this line does? gsap.to(".green", { duration: 0.6, ease: "power2.in", y: -100, opacity: 0, stagger: 0.05 }, "-=0.4");
  5. Thank you for speedy reply, That's exactly what I'm after
  6. Hello everyone, is the following animation possible with TweenLite? .foot { width: 50px; height: 50px; animation-name: tap-foot; animation-duration: 2s; animation-iteration-count: infinite; animation-delay: 7s; transform-origin: right top; } @keyframes tap-foot { 0% { transform: rotate(0deg); } 50% { transform: rotate(25deg); } 100% { transform: rotate(0deg); } }