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  1. Let's stay away from the ball and just look at repeat animation across a screen. To achieve a repeating animation across a screen currently i need to use the following code over 60 times. example in code pen, http://codepen.io/anon/pen/BjbZYg There must be a way to achieve this with only a few lines of code? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a timeline animation: var animation = new TimelineMax({repeat:2}); animation.to(hanging, 2, {y:"+200px", ease:Bounce.easeOut}) animation.to(mischief, 2, {x: "-=230"}) animation.to(mischief, 3, {x: "900"}) animation.to(rachel, 1, {y: "0"}) animation.to(rachel, 3, {y: "-=120px"}) animation.to(rachel, 5, {y: "+=70px"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {x: "+=50"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {y: "-=90px"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {y: "+=180px"}) animation.to(rachel, 6, {x: "-=430", y: "0px"}) I need to create an animation that goes up and down, bouncing, but require the bounce to continue as it goes across the screen. Any help greatly appreciated Greig
  3. Hi, So I would like to know how I pass a variable into the following bezier code. TweenMax.to(dot, 5, {bezier:{curviness:2.2, autoRotate:false, values:[{x:0, y:0}, {x:0, y:400}, {x:335, y:400}, {x:335, y:45}]}, ease:Bounce.easeIn}); Ideally I would like to set a variable to pass into the first values {x:0, y:0}: Thanks,