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  1. Yes! Thank you so much! Since I was only animating within an already-fixed area, I don't think I even considered using the pin method. I've plugged it into the site, and it works on there too. I'm still just a beginner really, so your help is massively appreciated! Thanks again!
  2. Hello! First of all, I know that this is not necessarily the right place to be looking for answers regarding SuperScrollorama since it's completely separate. But it does seem as though this is a good place to at least ask the question. I'm trying to design a single-page site, and have run into a problem. The effect I'm aiming for is: A fixed, centered <ul> navigation at the top of the page. On scrolling down, the menu will break apart between the 3rd and 4th <li> and create a space of 250px, into which the logo will scroll (and shrink) and then remain for the duration.