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  1. Yeah, optimizing the opacity isn't a big deal. But the problem with this "new" Method is that i want to be able to get from page 2 to the top of the cube. This isn't possible at the moment (with 1 click). Any other solutions? - Deesr
  2. Yes, but the CSS Version does what I want. I would like to get the JS version to do the same as the CSS version, if thats possible. - Deesr
  3. Thanks for you answer! I changed the order of the JS Version to the order I used in the CSS version, but it seems like it didn't change anything at all. (Uploaded it to Do you know what the problem could be? - Deeesr
  4. Hello, I'm working on my new Portfolio at the moment, and i ran into a problem. The whole page will be based on a cube that spins around. At first I used CSS-Transitions for the animations, but I decided to switch to GSAP JS. It worked great but I got a "little" problem. It rotates the cude diffrently then it did before. This it what it does: http://vps.deesr.com/cube/ This it what it should do: http://vps.deesr.com/cube/cssversion/ *You can rotate the cube with the arrow keys | (WEBKIT only for now)* JS I use to rotate: //GSAP Version TweenLite.to(cube, 1, {rotationY: yAngle,rotationX: xAngle, ease:Quad.easeInOut}); //CSS Version document.getElementById('cube').style.webkitTransform = "rotateX("+xAngle+"deg) rotateY("+yAngle+"deg)"; Because of this "Bug" (its more like Property) the transparents get messed up in the GSAP version. It seems like the GSAP Version rotates the Axis NOT the cube itself. I hope someone is able to help me. Thanks - Deesr
  5. Hello! I'm building up my new Portfolio with your Engine but I have a big problem. It's basically a spinning 3D Cube. I made a a Timeline for each "Spin" and i just Start and Reverse those Timelines. But sometimes when i press the reverse button everything gets messed up. (Attechment). The Timeline im reversing should animate 2 divs. but only one div works correctly. You can try it out yourself at http://deesr.com/ . Just go to the second page, open a few "Colors" and then go back to first page. In some cases it works, but sometimes it doesn't, what makes it even harder to fix.