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  1. Can anyone provide an example .fla for the mask antialiasing issue fix for Chrome? I followed the instructions here https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1921367, but the image being masked just disappears. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the tips, I'll take a look. Swiffy used to use SVG, but now it uses Canvas. You can confirm this by looking at the source. They must be doing something different with how they render masks.
  3. Anyone know what is with masks from Animate CC output being aliased in chrome? This doesn't happen with swiffy output, which also uses canvas. Also noticing you can't animate filters or anything from the color effects panel, other than alpha. It does it in the Animate timeline, but when you publish it doesn't work. For example you can't animate the tint of an image. Sad to say it but using swiffy still seems to be the most reliable and powerful option for most banners, aside from hand coding.
  4. Sizmek currently counts the size of the files unzipped. I believe that you are expecting them to count the zipped size, but they count the unzipped size. And possibly you are thinking the extra size is coming from your external libraries. They are going to start counting the zipped size (thank goodness), but I don't see them saying that they will be counting external libraries. I sure hope not.
  5. This was actually through DoubleClick DCM, not Studio. Studio is Rich Media and these were just Standards HTML5 Banners. The tough thing is that most banner creators only have access to Studio, so you wouldn't know there is a problem until you sent these off to the Media company for trafficking, then they would see the issue. Luckily I have access to DCM and was able to catch it.
  6. For now I've gotten around this by using the technique shown here in the script.js file; injecting an externally loaded .svg file into the dom. http://plnkr.co/edit/LneUEK?p=preview This script might also work, though I'm unsure of browser compatibility https://github.com/iconic/SVGInjector Once the .svg contents are injected into the DOM, you can animate them with GSAP. And DoubleClick doesn't throw a fit when you upload the ad, because all the SVG is contained in an external file that it doesn't parse. It isn't ideal and seems like overkill, but it will have to do for now.
  7. I have an email out to DoubleClick support. I posted here as well because I would think a lot of people will be attempting to do very similar stuff to what I am doing with the GSAP + the DrawSVG plugin. But, when it comes time to actually deploy a banner that uses the SVG/GSAP techniques you see talked about and in many of the great codepen examples, you would hit this road block. I tried removing the url() wrapper but that seems to break the clip path and gradient fill in the svg. Possibly there is some other way to modify the svg code to remove the url references that someone more experience with svg would know about. Another possibility I just came across is loading it via ajax and injecting it into the dom as shown here http://plnkr.co/edit/LneUEK?p=preview.
  8. I'm having in issue where DoubleClick is throwing an error when uploading a standard banner with inline svg; to DoubleClick Campaign Manager. It seems to have proplems when the inline svg references clip paths and fills using url(). The SVG that illustrator outputs has two parts in it where I'm using a basic mask and a gradient fill. Like this: clip-path:url(#SVGID_2_); fill:url(#logo_1_); When you upload the banner DoubleClick detects those two as url requests and looks for files named "#SVGID_2_" and "#logo_1_" which obviously don't exist because the are references to ids in the inline svg code. DoubleClick throws and error saying there are missing files. This is basically putting a halt to wrapping up what was a finished banner until I tried to upload it. Has anyone else experienced this and found any work around? I'm doing some pretty basic stuff with SVG here so it is rather disappointing to run into this. Thanks.