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  1. Thanks for helping diagnose this. My inspector info window only shows two types of events happening and they are generic animation ones. Weird. Well cheers to you for finding the sift func.
  2. This may have nothing to do with GSAP as I have both a jquery library and a pathfinding ai library, but I'm not getting any errors, and the coords spit out by my ai seem fine. After the third click on the screen the entire window (chrome) has to be closed and reloaded. Any ideas? I really want to have my basic movement down so I can actually get to building my game http://jsfiddle.net/ccarterc1984/BfpF2/
  3. Excellent Rodrigo! I knew there was something simple I was missing. Thanks a ton.
  4. http://jsfiddle.net/ccarterc1984/5t9EU/2/ First timeline seems to work great. It animates each box individually forward and backward. Upon completion of the reverse animation, I call a function which runs the second timeline. However the second timeline does not animate, it simply sets the properties instantly.
  5. ok, I got it! http://jsfiddle.net/ccarterc1984/6LQhJ/1/ I had not capitalized TimelineMax correctly and not used quotes on the property for relative positioning.
  6. I have several elements which will be using the same animation functions. So I want to have a timeline for animating 20 px to the left for instance. How do I pass in the element to the timeline without knowing before hand which element will need to be moved? I imagine the most efficient way is to not create a new timeline variable each time which what I think is throwing me for a loop. e.g. http://jsfiddle.net/ccarterc1984/6LQhJ/ This is my first day trying Greensock so be gentle.