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  1. Thanks for the response.... None of your examples say to use: If(event.target is ImageLoader){ //code here } This was driving me nuts as I'm new to using plugins for AS3. Thanks again...
  2. No that I run a new trace. This time to show the name: --- onChildComplete:imageCompleteHandler public function imageCompleteHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace(event.target.name); } Image Image Company Logo queue Why am I getting "queue" as an image it's trying to load when i have <LoaderMax name="queue"....>
  3. I'm creating this xml file using PHP. When I setup php to echo the follow. Her is my issue. This doesnt work: <data> <LoaderMax name="queue" prependURLs="Images/" childrenVars="width:700,height:630,scaleMode:proportionalInside" alpha="0" load="true"> <ImageLoader name="Company Logo" url="Bed_bath_and_Beyond.png" estimatedBytes="31641" width="750" height="275"/> <ImageLoader name="Image" url="T-shirt.jpg" estimatedBytes="8611" Item_Id="1" Title="Men T-Shirts" Quick_Desc="Starting at $14.99 each..." Savings_amt="65% off"/> <ImageLoader name="Image" url="T-shirt.j