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    Tween around circle

    Carl.. I was desperately searching for CirclePath2D and then realised it wasn't in the GSAP.js. I look forward to it. Here's what I've got so far using transformOrigin on my elements to position around the circle: http://jsfiddle.net/Lnr6s/9/ The dragging functionality is a bit buggy i.e. it gets stuck sometimes so I may ditch the jquery.swipe and just use raw JS. This is very close to what I want although the performance on my mobile device is poor. Might be a jsFiddle problem I'm not sure. I'll run some further tests.
  2. tr309

    Tween around circle

    Rodrigo.. so the 4 points specified with bezier define the circle and the type of bezier dictates the curve arc? That's very cool. It looks like I'd have to calculate the 4 bezier coordinates each time I wanted my items to move. Is there a way to use the bezier curve to step along the circle only a little bit? E.g. if the user drags the mouse to the right, the items on the circle should only move during the drag and then stop when the user stops dragging. Carl I like your approach too. The way I've got my anim working at the moment is without GSAP and I'm calculating the circle coords with Sin/Cos but the performance isn't great. Thanks guys. I'm going to investigate both methods today. I'll post some links when I've got this online.
  3. tr309

    Tween around circle

    Is it possible to use TweenMax/Lite to animate objects around a circle? I can do this with regular Javascript but my results are not very smooth. Basically, I'm trying to replicate something similar to this: http://fff.cmiscm.com/#!/main Many thanks, Rich