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  1. Hi Carl, first of all thank you for this great javascript library In the past I used the flash version of this tool and its method LineTo(). However, in view of your last comment, I now understand why I can't find an equivalence with the JS version. Problem solved.
  2. That did the trick! Thanks a lot for you answer and update rhernando. So I assume there is no current solution for drawing a line easily with this library ?
  3. Hi everybody, for a personal project I would like to build an oblique progress bar. So, my first question is: Is there a way to create dynamically and easily a Line object with Tweenmax.js? For the moment I just resize the width of a rectangle shape like this : http://jsfiddle.net/FracArt/6GJ67/2/ Which actually works! But seems a bit "hacky". Second question, as you can notice on the jsfiddle file I tried to build an oblique progress bar on the same principle. However, when I rotate the rectangle a gap appears between the initial and final position of the bar. So do you have an idea of how I can correct that without doing some geometry calculations? (maybe a transform-origin property on the css?)