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  1. WoW - Thank you both!!!! Awesome To your question Carl: somthing like this: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/XKOWqN
  2. Hi. Yes exactly. The css styles are defined like in my example (.color-theme-orange h1 .... ) so that if the body switches the class the whole website becomes a new color theme. I would like to animate that changes (color changes) ... at the moment the current color-class gets removed and the the new one gets added .... http://codepen.io/anon/pen/VjqJAQ Thank you Jonathan
  3. Thanks Jonathan! Terrible mistake of mine in first case ... but what about the second case ? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/dXwjBq
  4. Thanks for the fast reply: It's like this scenario (in a big project) http://codepen.io/anon/pen/EyGpmN It seems like it doesnt work in 2 cases: - when there is an old class on it the new class doesnt overwrite it (when you remove the old class before it works) - when the childs are selected with more detail (like .new h1) it doesnt seem to work either maybe im already really confused and you know a easy solution sometimes it's just because you are digging already to deep or to long around
  5. Hi! I really tried and searched to get this runnin but i couldn't found a proper solution: I know that its possible with the CSSPlugin to animate classes like: TweenMax.to($element, 1, { className: '-=myclassRemove' }); TweenMax.to($element, 1, { className: '+=myclassAdd' }); Now the Problem is that the selector is $('body') and the classes change the color sheme (fonts etc.) but there are no css-changes directly on the body. Child-Elements get new colors with the body added class e.g. '.body-class-orange' so every elements that change have in css like .body-class-orange h2 etc. ... I think there is no animation because there are no directly css changes to the body .... Is there any possible way to animate the css-changes of the child elements where somthing changed ? I tried also CSSPlugin.cascadeTo ... but it didnt work either .... is it even possible ? i dont want to use css transitions
  6. problem "solved" / workaround found if you init the draggable instance again (on resize), the boundaries are fine again.
  7. Hi! It's the first time i use greensock Draggable including throwprops and its awesome! I read in older topics, that if you have a draggable instance with type "scroll" (in my case "scrollLeft") there is no need for setting bounds. Thats true and it works perfect. But if i resize the window and throwProps is true the overscrolling doesnt work anymore (always works on the left side (scrollLeft position 0), but on the right border it starts flickering around instead of overscrolling (its like the boundaries/the width are/is not correct). I tried update and applyBounds on resizing but the problem is still there. During the resize process the elements inside are resizing too (mix between css and js). The problem appears only in chrome. Any ideas ?