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  1. I used the GSAP framework extensively in a lot of Desktop Apps mainly using electron. It worked wonderfully. There are very up to date externs for GSAP / Haxe and I can't recommend it enough.
  2. I've edited the original post to include a code pen example. It only demonstrates the problem on iOS. On desktop web it behaves as expected.
  3. I've got an very simple animation where an element is positioned relatively @ top:820px; with a style sheet (so not inline). I use a Tween.from() to tween the element from 1080px; This animation works fine on Web and in Electron but when I execute it on an iPad in safari, the element ends up at position 418px. I'm a bit at a loss of what could be wrong so any advice would be appreciated. I've added a codepen example. The top of the grey box should animate up to match the black line but on iOS it actually will animate to a different position.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll need to play around a little bit more but they look useful.
  5. I work on a team that produced a lot of Flash content but we've now moved to HTML5. Our workflow is solid but we are still lacking in one key area, we no longer have a tool to visually create animations. Now designers mock up comps in After Effects or Flash and the programmers need to recreate the animations in code. It would be amazing if we had an editor that could load an HTML page and would allow you to select elements, create animations and then would generate some GSAP code. I'm considering developing one myself but I thought I'd ask first about what others are using for the same problem? Is there a tool out there that does what I describe? I've searched but have not found anything.
  6. Hi there I am trying to load a swf that is just a simple timeline animation. After the onComplete callback of the SWFLoader fire the SWFLoader has a correct rawContent property. If I call LoaderMax.getContent("my_swf").rawContent That .rawContent property is null. Am I doing something wrong. Pretty much what I want to do is call.LoaderMax.getContent("some_id").rawContent then handle that content differently based on whether it is a Bitmap or a MovieClip.