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  1. Apologies to ohem and thanks to you both - I threw ALL my JS including anitalouise.js down there and BANG - all good! I even threw in a little window.onload to play my timeline as suggested Thanks to you both and thanks for the Banners broadcast the other night - very informative
  2. Thanks ohem - I have tried that but I'm still getting TweenMax is undefined in Chrome Dev Dools
  3. Hi one and all - I have a small test that has produced nothing on my site but I just loaded it to Codepen (from "Morphing Countdown" by Chris Gannon) and I get nearly what I was after Is there something else I need to load apart from MorphSVG & TweenMax? Perhaps I should load these some other way? Internet Explorer is showing "Cannot load a null target" TweenMax.min.js (16,27469). I have it loaded on my site at: www.ezpc.eu/anitalouise.html Thanks to anyone who has time to look at this - Trev
  4. Carl - I had a feeling that you took the code from the pen on CodePen I think you are looking at my live code with all the text items flowing across - I have tried many ties now to make a Pen with just the item in question but cannot get it to work without the surrounding code. I have just spent the whole day trying to strip the rest. Every time it crashes the whole page as it's heavily inter-related. Could you tell me how you view the code when it's posted (ie. on CodePen or via my site) and I will try again tomorrow. Thanks for looking though. Have a good evening Trevor
  5. Hi Greenies I have successfully designed my animations of lines of skills (except perfection in portrait) As the last effect I am loading a graphic of my business card ("#ezpc") and want it full screen The start position (except in 1920x1080) appears in the wrong position The destination Left & Top are also appearing in the wrong position When I debug the code the start and stop positions are correct but the graphic has it's own mind! I am sure that I am not "clearing" properly or perhaps I cannot use the same #demo container You may see my addGraphic() function attempting to kill the previous Tweens but that stops the first bit I know the majority of the code is quite unreadable due to it's complexity but can anyone give me any tips about resetting the page somehow prior to the loading of the graphic? The code is on CodePen as: http://cdpn.io/xHytr (full page) or http://codepen.io/thorntontf/pen/xHytr Thanks for any help you can give Trevor
  6. Rodrigo Things are looking very good on this now I am now trying to make 3 or 4 of these lines run at the staggered times so that there is a continuous flow of texts for the duration I'm not sure how to get loops 2 and 3 (&maybe 4) in the same If-Else statement Maybe I need a GOTO or some similar device to check that COUNT doesn't exceed my number of text items (elementsAmount) I have seen reference to stalling or pausing the Timeline but cannot find it again Sorry to plague you again but you were very helpful last time Regards Trevor http://cdpn.io/HdnIz http://codepen.io/thorntontf/public/
  7. Rodrigo I have updated my site intro that you helped with I must have checked for typos for half a day - Well Spotted! Here it is working: http://cdpn.io/aixvK Thanks for your time and expertise Trevor
  8. Hi Greensockers - you will see that my trouble is not Greensock but rather incorporating a two dimension Array to feed back into the TimelineMax tweens that I have set up. I have seen that it's possible to have the Tweens inside the array as it loads and have attempted that as well. I'm fairly sure that my limited programming knowledge hasn't helped me and I apologise for the circuitous methods employed. If anyone has time to plough through all this I would appreciate any help you can provide. Once I have the array loading and feeding I will add some colouration. Many thanks - Trevor Forgot - CodePen working is: http://cdpn.io/mkCJd and non-working is: http://cdpn.io/Abjip http://codepen.io/thorntontf/public/ greensock.html greensock array test.html