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  1. First of all: thank you both for the prompt answers! @Carl: i also tried adding the onIOError handler with no luck... at first glance i thought i had been inattentive by not specifying it, but then i read again the docs and i found out the onError handler catches both the IO Errors and the Security Errors if you don't add specific references to any of the two. @Jack: unfortunately that's what i feared, GreenSock classes are too solid to be causing a ginormous bug like this For completeness' sake i thought i could drop you a line anyways, and you just have confirmed my suspects. That said, I will try to find a solution from the page itself rather than in the flash movie!
  2. Hello Greensock, I will try to explain my problem the best I can… I have a swf that is loading some data and other various assets, and the first thing it does is instantiating the following LoaderMax: var selfLoader:SelfLoader = new SelfLoader(this, { name:"self", estimatedBytes:364544, onProgress:_progressHandler } ); var aspLoader:DataLoader = new DataLoader(initreq, { name:"init", estimatedBytes:100, format:"variables", allowMalformedURL:true, onProgress:_progressHandler } ); var initqueue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax( { name:"initQueue", maxConnections:1, skipFailed:false, onProgress:_partialProgressHandler, onComplete:_initQueueCompleteHandler, onError:_errorHandler} ); //prioritize the self loader LoaderMax.prioritize("self"); //append the SelfLoader and several other loaders initqueue.append(selfLoader); initqueue.append(aspLoader); //start loading the LoaderMax queue initqueue.load(); The LoaderMax classes I am using are: * VERSION: 1.921 * DATE: 2012-08-09 and unfortunately I cannot update them to the newer version. I’m publishing with Flash Professional CS5.5 for Flash Player 10.2. To reproduce the problem, I use Chrome with Flash Debug Player version 11,5,502,110 installed; I also need to use a bandwidth simulator to clip down the average download speed (for example I use Fiddler with its own Bandwidth simulator plugin). If I hit F5 / refresh the page while the SelfLoader is still loading, the debug player throws an uncaught exception of type “Error #2044: uncaught IOErrorEvent” in conjunction with “Error #2036 Load never completed”. I already have read the following topic with no avail: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/2762-error-2036-load-never-completed/ since as I said I use Flash CS5.5 IDE… I don’t know what else to do!
  3. Dear Jack, hello again! Just dropping a line to make you know the updated plugin works PERFECTLY with GSAP v12 and the relative values as you explained in your previous post. You should definetly put it in your next release! Now i'm studying all the new features of v12 and i can tell you i love it! I already found a lot of ways to optimize my old code: the tools are really powerful and i'll try to dig thru them at my best! Cheers and keep up the good work!!!
  4. Dear Jack, first of all thank you so much for spending some of your precious time to update the plugin! I wouldn't have expected better, and this is the umpteenth confirmation of your kindness and astonishing support As for my question, I'm now switching my entire project to the v12 classes: i'm a long time user of the v11 suite and this update gives me the opportunity to take some time for improving my code and diving into the new version of GSAP! As soon as i will try the modified FrameForwardPlugin i will post here the results! Thanks again!!!
  5. Hello GreenSock, first of all, thank you for this wonderful suite you've created! Second, my problem. I have a clip which has 37 frames and i need to loop it forward or backward for 3 times, starting everytime from a different frame, and ending the triple loop on the same frame where i started. I will post you a super-simplified version of my code in which i try to set the final frame for both the forward and the backward animations, making a check to avoid passing non-existent frame 0 or frame 38 to the plugin (i obviously imported the greensock classes and activated both the FrameForwardPlugin and the FrameBackwardPlugin): var nRound:int = 0; var totRounds:int = 2; var completeRoundFrames:int; var clipRound:TweenLite; var direction:String = "forward"; //can be "forward" or "backward" if(direction == "forward") { completeRoundFrames = (clip.currentFrame - 1) == 0 ? 37 : (clip.currentFrame - 1); clipRound = TweenLite.to(clip, 6, { frameForward:completeRoundFrames, ease:Linear.easeNone, onComplete:loopRound } ); } else if (direction == "backward") { completeRoundFrames = (clip.currentFrame + 1) == 38 ? 1 : (clip.currentFrame + 1); clipRound = TweenLite.to(clip, 6, { frameBackward:completeRoundFrames, ease:Linear.easeNone, onComplete:loopRound } ); } function loopRound():void { if (nRound < totRounds) { trace("ROUND N." + nRound + " COMPLETED"); clipRound.restart(); nRound++; } } In this way the loop is working, but when it reaches the end of the animation and starts the following one, there's a little glitch because every animation ends one frame before (in case of forward) or one frame after (in case of backward) the original frame of the clip. Also the final animation (third phase of the loop) stops on a different frame (+1 or -1) than the original one. I've tried passing as the frame parameter for both the forward and backward animations the clip.currentFrame, but in this case the animation won't even start! I might have explained the problem not so well, but i hope you can give me some advice! Thank you very much!