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  1. I've noticed that bug appears when the window is scrolling up. I've used the .reverse() funtion on the object, and it got back without a traces. That's preatty unpleasant situation, I've could do a workaround - try to change colours with Raphael, but I can't find a way to "fire" the function on the .reverse() call. If you noticed, I'm using superscrollorama plugin.
  2. Well that solved the "traces" problem, but the object won't change colors anymore. I've tried a seperate element, but it still leaves those linse. Strange thing is then I select them (highlight) the disapear.
  3. I'm using a simple animation on a object TweenMax.fromTo($('#navigation .active-field'), actFieldSpeed, {css: {top: ((index - 1) * 1.5) + 'rem', backgroundColor: prevColor}, immediateRender: true}, {css: {top: ((index ) * 1.5) + 'rem', backgroundColor: altColor}}) Problem is, that it leaves traces of of object's background in WebKit-based browsers under reverse animation. What can be cause of that? http://studijaodri.lt/klientai/musu/#digital_agency