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  1. fripi

    Tween around circle

    WOW thank you all, I'll study all those codes the coming days, it goes much deeper than what I need but always interesting to learn some tricks
  2. fripi

    Tween around circle

    This is more like it... I found a formula, it's not perfect yet, external circles aren't perfectly aligned to central one also their distance to the center isn't "responsive" https://codepen.io/fripi/pen/NWgpggK
  3. fripi

    Tween around circle

    no I think I don't need a bezier here, I need to place several divs around one central element, but they don't need to turn around, now I'm searchin for the math behind placing elements on a circle, rotation isn't a good option because the content must remain readable and horizontal. The screenshot in my first post shows what I try to do
  4. fripi

    Tween around circle

    Thank you, but the array was a bezier curve, and the circles where positioning on it
  5. fripi

    Tween around circle

    Hi guys, this a very old topic, now bezier is motionpath, tweenmax is gsap... and I can't figure out how to translate all this to gsap 3 😶 What I try to do is this, I would like to make an intro animation and make the outer circles come one by one from behind the compas, that should be OK if I could place everything in a circle first, as I don't know the final size of the animation it should be responsive. I did a pen but as soon as I uncomment "location" var everything goes blanc "(index):7376 crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated." https://codepen.io/fripi/pen/qBjraYz Any idea ?
  6. Sorry I hadn't much time last weeks to give a detailed answer, thanks @Web Dizajner for doing so In the header section you can also call gsap and others libs, you can see all the google hosted libraries here: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288?hl=en I usually always call those 2: <script src="https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/cached_libs/easelplugin_3.5.1_min.js"></script> <script src="https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/cached_libs/gsap_3.5.1_min.js"></script>
  7. Indeed That's what I tried but there are always new errors and it doesn't seem to overwrite what is done in the private function so... Just making a search replace in all files before delivery with sublime text is much faster
  8. Great, thank you, seems indeed to work well ! But I really don't see how to fix that in a template, I thought that replacing "$RESP_HIDPI" with a part of the exported code could work but that changes nothing... well I can still make a batch "search/replace" after
  9. Never tried XD, can it save a html file with clean placed divs ? Sometimes placement is so complex in pure code... Problem that I got more and more with Animate is complains of clients about blurry text on normal screens
  10. You can export the default template and edit it to add an <a href tag around the canvas zone, and also add the needed clicktag codes in header, then just use that new template for all your animations (publish setting > more setting > html/js tab > export/import new)
  11. Placing the elements (png, svg, jpg, text...) , creating planes and give them colours can be done easily with dreamweaver or the free "Google Web Designer" then indeed link gsap and start moving them. I most of the time use Adobe Animate to place everything as it gives me more masking options, and gsap to animate, but texts seems to come out blurry on non retina/hidpi screens
  12. well I learned a lot with this project thanks
  13. Hi, still have some 3D rotation problems, but not really related to GS, but maybe someone has an idea... Didn't want to create a new topic as it uses most of the code of the revolving doors. The codepen below works perfectly in Chrome, Firefox, edge, brave... on mac and pc but not safari, in safari it reacts super strange https://codepen.io/fripi/pen/abpXGxb
  14. oh wow never heard of that property, thank you @GreenSock
  15. thanks a lot @GreenSock globally for my banners it works great! But I have some visual glitch when I scale the container above 1.3, the words written on the doors are "in & uit" the "&" sits a little lower as intended but when all scaled to 1.3, the first half of it, on the white "in" doors disappears on chrome, Safari and Firefox seems ok, a known bug of Chrome ? https://codepen.io/fripi/pen/xxgzEGp