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  1. Hello, I was wondering if the kinetic plugin wrapper worked for value arrays passed to the 'bezier' function. So far, I have tried variations on this: TweenMax.to(circle3, 5, {bezier:{type:"soft", kinetic : {values:[{x:100, y:250}, {x:300, y:0}, {x:500, y:400}]}, autoRotate:true}, ease:Power1.easeInOut}); but am getting syntax errors. Perhaps a bit more cluelessly I tried var myObject = new Array(); myObject.push(kinetic:{x:100, y:250}); myObject.push(kinetic:{x:300, y:0}); myObject.push(kinetic:{x:500, y:400}); Until I realized that kinetic is just a property recognized by a particular set of functions. What would be the best way to : a) Wrap the array of kinetic properties Dynamically add kinetic properties to an array of such ? I should mention that : TweenMax.to(circle3, 5, {bezier:{type:"soft", values:[{setX:100, setY:250}, {setX:300, setY:0}, {setX:500, setY:400}], autoRotate:true}, onUpdate:drawLayer, ease:Power1.easeInOut}); works, but I wasn't sure if the drawLayer call would add some inefficiency to the animation pipeline compared to the Kinetic JS Wrapper. Thanks so much for your help. I bought a perpetual developer license to show my support. Keep up the great work. Best, T.